Boat Rescue & Safety Training

Rescue Canada Master Instructors have been training others in the Boat environment since 1974. Over the past 40 years, Rescue Canada have become internationally court-recognized subject-matter experts.  The Boat programs adhere to the IRIA Risk Management Matrix©.  The course content is evidence-based and structured on your group’s specific responsibilities provided by task analysis and experience.

Boat Industrial Safety & Resource Management Training

Courses specifically designed for Oil & Gas, Mining, Exploration, and Construction personnel, as well as Biologists, Hydrologists, Hydro,  Inspection & Compliance, Wildlife & Habitat Management  Find out more.

Boat Emergency Rescue Response Training

Courses specifically designed for Fire & Rescue, Paramedics, Search & Rescue, Police & Enforcement Park Wardens, Conservation Officers and Military  Find out more.

Professional Guide Boat Rescue & Safety Training

This course is designed specifically for those individuals and organizations whose primary legal responsibility is to safely lead, and if need be, rescue and bring home their clients.  Find out more.

Boat Recreational Safety Training

Courses specifically designed for the general public who are boaters, anglers, or like to swim or play around rivers.  Find out more.