Rescue Canada Frequently Asked Questions

1) What or who is Rescue Canada?

The Rescue Canada Resource Group (Rescue Canada) is a fully integrated risk management organization offering industry leading, critical (life at risk) safety and rescue training and certification, and support. The Managing Director is Jim Lavalley. Rescue Canada is registered in British Columbia, Canada is a not for profit professional organisation and operates across Canada and world wide.

2) What Courses Does Rescue Canada Offer?

To ensure that you get the most applicable and meaningful training for your valuable training time and dollars, Rescue Canada while working with many of it’s partners and using formal needs and task analysis, has developed 5 streams of training based on your activities. These streams are; Occupational Safety, Rescue Response, Security & Enforcement, Outdoor Recreation.

3) Where does the safety and rescue training take place?

To choose your course location, just get a minimum of four people to start, pick a time and location with a classroom close to you and give Diane a call at the office. Ten is generally the minimum for a course and with coordination with the office, we will both spread the word until numbers reach critical mass and you as the initial contact can get your course at the best time and location nearest to you.

4) Where are your rescue instructors trained?

Rescue Canada, instructors are IRIA certified. Rescue Canada instructors and trainers are from all parts of Canada. They are all active professionals operating in real rescue and industrial environments and in high-risk occupational fields. The proven record of this instructor group of experienced cross certified professionals has allowed Rescue Canada to become regarded as a leading innovator in the development and delivery of state of the art safety and rescue education and research, world-wide.

5) What safety & rescue services do you offer, where and to whom?

Rescue Canada offers integrated educational services including training and certification based on task analysis, and operational support.

6) Who recognizes Rescue Canada?

Rescue Canada instructors act as court recognised subject matter experts in jurisdictions in Canada and around the world. The court system is the final regulator and is ultimately responsible for validating standards. In Canada, members have served and assisted the Department of Fisheries and Ocean, Parks Canada, RCMP, Environment Canada, Ministry of Environment, the Provincial Emergency Program, University Colleges, BC Registrar of Commercial River Rafting, the river community and many response agencies.