Boat Safety Courses

For river guides, emergency responders, industry workers, and anyone that uses boats on lakes or rivers. Includes training for power boats (jet and prop), and inflatable rafts.

Boat Safety Training

In these courses, you’ll learn about different types of boats, their limitations, and their capabilities. You’ll also learn how to properly set up the boat (rigging), navigation, emergency procedures, and rescue and recoveries.

We can also do client specific contract courses based on equipment and task.

Boat Rescue Safety Training Courses Rescue Canada

Courses vary based on boat type and intended use due to the variation in techniques for different environments and situations.

We offer training in power boats (jet/prop), paddle and oar rafts, and personal watercraft (seadoos).

We can also customize any boat course and tailor to your exact needs. Whether this be based on the vessel you use, or the operation you need to perform.

All of our boat courses meet or exceed industry standards.

Certifications upon completion:
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Equipment can be rented from Rescue Canada.
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Boat Rescue Safety Training

Boat Safety Training Benefits: