Rescue Canada also provides equipment services to those that are taking our courses and working in the environment.  We offer three distinct services to help our clients and continue our professional relationship with our students.

Equipment Sales

Rescue Canada can also provide you with the best equipment for your needs.


We work closely with Force 6 Rescue Products and others and can get you all the gear you need to make your workers, responders and you safe in the field.


Call or email our equipment department today to discuss your equipment needs and how we can help you.  Not sure what you need? We can help with that too.

Personal Protective Equipment Rentals

Rescue Canada can provide you with the right equipment to take our courses and also if you need them for a job or task outside of our training courses.  We have the following equipment available for rent:

  • Helmets – NRS Havoc
  • Drysuits – Various Styles
  • PFD’s – Force 6 & NRS
  • Boots – Various
  • Neoprene Gloves
  • Force 6 Dart Throwbags and Belts
  • Line Across Kits
  • Ice Awls
  • Ice Cleats
  • Helicopter Flight Helmets w/ Beanie
  • Helicopter Survival Vests
  • Helicopter Flight Suits

Dry Suit Rentals and Repair

Equipment Repairs and Services

Rescue Canada can provide all your Drysuit and PFD testing and repair needs.  We provide testing, service and cleaning, to replacement of gaskets.  Call today to book an appointment or to talk with our repair specialist team. (Taxes and Shipping are extra and not included in the prices below)

  • PFD testing $150.00 for 1st pfd – $30/pfd after
  • Drysuit Service Test, Clean, Wax, Treat Gasktes, Written Report $75.00ea
  • Minor leak repairs (Per) $20.00ea
  • Wrist Gasket Replacement $65.00ea
  • Neck Gasket Replacement $100.00ea
  • Sock Gasket Replacement $80.00ea
  • Hourly Shop Rate for other repairs $30.00
  • Shop Materials (Charge per Suit) $5.00

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