• What or who is Rescue Canada?

    Rescue Canada (Rescue Canada Resource Group Inc.) is a fully integrated risk management organization specializing in safety and rescue training and support.  Rescue Canada is registered in British Columbia and the CEO is Jim Lavalley.

  • What Courses Does Rescue Canada Offer?

    Rescue Canada offers industry leading courses in the following areas:


    Rescue Canada specializes each course to the clients needs and task.  Some examples of the specific needs are for occupation, enforcement, rescue, adventure guides, and recreation.  Rescue Canada can also develop custom courses to suit the needs of each client and provide industry and required certification for the courses

  • Where does the safety and rescue training take place?

    Courses are delivered all of Canada as well as internationally with our certified expert instructors.  Two options for courses are:

  • Where are your rescue instructors trained?

    Rescue Canada instructors are IRIA certified and developed through the Rescue Canada Mentorship Program.  All of the instructors are active professionals in the industry and environment they instruct in.  Each instructor must complete an instructor trainer course and mentor on courses until they are complete and considered a lead instructor.  They are also audited periodically to ensure the consistency and to add new research developed skills and applications.

    Rescue Canada instructors have become regarded as the leading innovators in the development and delivery of state of the art safety and rescue education and research, worldwide.

  • What safety & rescue services do you offer, where and to whom?

    Rescue Canada offers integrated educational services including training and certification based on task, and operations.  Rescue Canada also provides safety consulting, risk management and equipment services and sales.  If you have a question about anything training, risk or equipment give us a call.

    Rescue Canada provides training and support for the following groups plus others:

      • RCMP
      • Fire Rescue Departments
      • Search and Rescue
      • Department of Fisheries and Oceans
      • Environment Canada
      • Parks Canada
      • Adventure Guides
      • Thompson Rivers University
      • College of the Rockies
      • Algonquin College
      • Gaspe Adventure Guide Program
      • Resource Management groups

  • Who recognizes Rescue Canada?

    Rescue Canada training and certification courses meet or exceed the following standards:

      • International Rescue Instructor Alliance
      • NFPA 1670 standards
      • NFPA 1006 standards
      • Rescue 3 International
      • Emergency Management of British Columbia
      • Work Safe


    Rescue Canada instructors are also subject matter experts(SME) in their respected fields and as such are court recognized SME in jurisdictions in Canada and internationally.  As SME Rescue Canada has developed training courses in Canada and around the world and set standards that other continue to follow.