Medical/First Aid Training

In this program you’ll learn basic first aid with basic human anatomy and how the body works.


You’ll also learn the patient assessment model, about wilderness medical equipment, and how to identify the most common wilderness emergencies and how to stabilize.


We offer courses for remote, wilderness and rescue type environments and the course is geared for those that work in those areas. Search and Rescue, Remote occupations such as adventure guides, resource management, environment consultants, and more.


Certification can be obtained through Red Cross, WMA, and SARMED.

First Aid training benefits:

  • Learning how to assess a patient
  • Learning how treat minor to severe injuries/illness
  • Learning how to assess risk
  • Learning how to use the right equipment
  • Meets/Exceeds most worksafe/employer requirements

Course Levels:

Courses offered:

This program is offered on a contract basis and is customized for each student. If you are looking for courses and certification in this area, get in touch and we can build a program to suit your needs. We can provide courses in:

Wilderness First Aid

These courses are designed to give the student the framework for assessing the patient and deciding the best treatment, stabilization, and transport of the individual when help is a long way away.  Whether starting with the basics or working into the advanced medical treatment we can match a course for your needs

Search and Rescue Medic

If you have previous first aid or medical training but need to bridge that gap into the Search and Rescue environments we will start to show you improvised and specific treatment needed to help you adapt your skills and knowledge.  We specialize in adapting to the water environments but have the experts available for wilderness, mountains and helicopters.

Red Cross

Need Red Cross-specific training to help you work and travel internationally, that we can line that up too.  Red Cross provides training from standard first aid to wilderness medicine.  If you require this specific certification contact us for your course.