Helicopter Courses

This course is an industry standard for workers and also benefits emergency responders, and anyone who uses a helicopter for work or play.

Helicopter Safety Training

In these courses you’ll learn how to work safely around and in a helicopter, flight dynamics, emergency and crash procedures, and underwater egress training.

You’ll also learn hover exit and entry, toe-ins, landing zone management, and medical packaging.


The Helicopter Safety Rescue Program is a series of courses designed to provide students with the most current information on helicopter safety and response.

Courses have been designed for occupational responses as well as rescue responses.

Each course covers not only the skills involved with the tasks as a flight crew member but also preparation, mitigation, response and safety concerns.

If you have workers that use helicopters or you yourself have a responsibility to operate near or with helicopters there is a course for you.

Certifications upon completion:
  • Every course is certified through the IRIA
  • Online awareness course (Valid for 1 Year)
  • Helicopter Safety Rescue Technician 1-4 (Valid for 2 Years)
Required Equipment:
  • Flight suits
  • Flight helmets
  • For dunker training: swim suit/towel (wetsuit optional)
  • Proper outdoor clothing
  • Leather/work gloves
Equipment can be rented from Rescue Canada.
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Helicopter Training Benefits:

  • Gain knowledge of how to survive in an emergency
  • Learn how the helicopter works and how to use it
  • Learn how to work in and around the helicopter
  • Learn how to assess risk
  • Learn how to use the right equipment
  • Meets / exceeds work-safe/employer requirements