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江苏新洛普培训服务有限公司 – Jangsu Newroper Technology Development Co. LTD

Rescue Canada is proud to be working with NewRoper in China!  NewRoper is China’s leading authority in boating, moving water, ice, rope rescue and safety training courses.

Expert instructor Mr. 袁春晓 – “Tony”, (YUAN CHUN XIAO)  is a pioneer in water safety in his native country of China.

Instructor Tony has compiled an excellent instructor cadre. His instructorship program is centered around the disciplines NewRoper provides and the safety and rescue equipment they source for their clients.

China has a tremendous need for competent and qualified first responders and NewRoper is leading the charge.

Instructor Tony is IRIA qualified and will be adding another level of instructorship for his company in 2021.  When Rescue Canada provided training support for developing the NewRoper partnership, owner Jim Lavalley was greatly impressed with Tony’s skill level.

Jim traveled to China to meet with Tony personally and was impressed with his organizational skills.

‘Tony is everything we look for in an instructor, he possess a professional demeanor and is passionate about safety and his clients knowledge base.” states Jim. “I couldn’t be more proud than have Tony on the Rescue Canada team, he is a tremendous asset to our global safety culture’.

In addition we at Rescue Canada are exceptionally thankful for Ms. Susan Zhang’s support with course content and company delivery. She is an incredible asset to all of us.

Stay tuned for more updates on NewRoper!



Jiangsu Newroper Technology Development Co. Ltd.

89 Xingchuang 4th Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province


Jangsu Newroper Technology Development Co. LTD
1104-Building 4 Xingzhou Science and Technology business park,
Xinwu District, Wuxi Jiangsu Province China


Posted: April 14, 2021

Author: Shawn A.

About the Company: Rescue Canada Resource Group Inc. is an international legacy company founded by Mr. Jim Lavalley. Jim is an international water safety and rescue society industry leader. He represented Canada in the Olympics under the Bobsled team competition. He co-founded moving water training that is now celebrating around the world by military, fire rescue, lifesaving, rafting, and companies.

Our clients are interested in professional skills for competency and qualification to better serve those in need who depend upon qualified and competent responders. Rescue Canada is an industry leader in Moving Water, Ice Safety, Human Propelled Boats, Power Boats, Helicopter Crew Safety and Rope Access.

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