Used Drysuits $199 and Under

These suits are used and come from our rental fleet. They come in varying conditions and may have leaks we are unaware of.

Please note that all the used Kokatat sale suits currently available, come with a Neo-Cinch Neck Collar.  Because of this, Kokatat technically considers them a “semi-dry suit”.  While they do allow more water ingress than the latex gasket, they provide greater flexibility for sharing the suit, or dumping heat on a summer day…they are also less prone to damage.

See below for additional details on the large suits:

GENERAL NOTES: All used Kokatat suits share the following features:

    1. Tangerine Orange on top
    2. Grey or grey/black on the bottom.
    3. Hydrus 3 Layer material (waterproof/breathable)
    4. Latex wrist gaskets

Neo-Cinch Neck Collar.

All suites are sold as-is. All sales are final.

Please contact us to find out more about these suites and their conditions.

  1. NRS SAR Extreme
    • #15
    • M/L
    • Leak at right hip
    • Torso and arms = leaks at seams
    • Newer neck
    • $65
  2. NRS SAR Extreme
    • #18
    • M/L
    • Pressure Test = November 2019
    • Leak at right hip
    • Seams in the torso and waist/hips are leaking
    • $75
  3. Whites XL
    • Black
    • Neoprene gaskets
    • Old, hardly used, great condition
    • $100
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