Swiftwater Courses

For emergency responders, industry workers, tourism guides, and the public.

In these courses, you’ll learn how the river works, and how to recognize hazards and mitigate them.

You’ll learn safety techniques for how to operate around and in the river. As well we offer training in self-rescue (if you fall in), companion rescue (if your partner falls in), and subject rescue (improvised and organized rescue response).


Courses vary depending on river environments, tasks, and responsibilities. All course have the same core fundamentals of hazard assessment and personal safety.

The courses are also designed specifically for the “zone” you operate in. From the Cold zone (away from the river) to the Hot Zone (actively swimming or working in the water).

If you send workers into the swiftwater environment or you yourself have a responsibility to respond to the swiftwater there is a course for you.

Certifications upon completion:
  • Every course is certified through the IRIA
  • Online awareness course (Valid for 1 Year)
  • Swiftwater Safety Rescue Technician 1-4 (Valid for 3 Years)
Required Equipment:
  • Water type boot
  • Food/water for the day(s)
  • Thermal wear for under the drysuit
  • Drysuit/Wetsuit
  • PFD
  • Approved helmet

Equipment can be rented from Rescue Canada.
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Swiftwater Rescue Training Program Swift Water Rescue Tech

Swiftwater Rescue Training Benefits:

  • Learn how to save others
  • Meets/Exceeds worksafe/employer requirements
  • Learn how to use the right equipment
  • Learn how to survive in the Swiftwater
  • Gain knowledge of how the river works & how to use it
  • Learn how to assess risk