Winter Courses

For people who work and play in the backcountry – courses can be tailored to your specific group or activity.

Winter Safety Training

In these courses, you’ll learn basic winter travel and survival, basic winter gear necessities, avalanche skills, and hypothermia treatment and mitigation.
Winter Safety and Rescue Training Canada

Courses vary depending on the backcountry environment you are going into and the type of activities. This could range from a simple day outing on snowshoes to understanding avalanches and how to survive in the backcountry.

The AST 1 & 2 courses are provided through Avalanche Canada certification and curriculum. If you are planning a winter camp out or starting to venture into the back-country there is a course for you.

Our Basic Winter Travel and Survival Course is also designed for school groups and part of the Youth Program in which we build the foundations for teamwork, safety, and knowledge into the outdoor world.

Certifications upon completion:
Required Equipment:
Equipment can be rented from Rescue Canada.
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Winter Rescue Training Benefits: