You know you need outdoor safety training for work or play, but how do you choose? We are proud to offer custom tailored courses for your specific task or environment. And we’ll help you pick the right one.


Most often employers indicate the need for safety or rescue training, but with so many courses to choose from in a variety of outdoor environments, we want to make sure you’re getting the course you need.





Rescue & Safety Training

We are Canada’s most experienced rescue and safety training provider. Our Master Rescue Instructors have been providing professional performance based rescue and safety training for over 40 years and are international court-recognized subject matter experts.


Rescue Canada pairs practical performance based training with research and evidence based skills. We offer online theory training prior to getting out into the environment and then customize each course to the student’s needs.


Our programs lead to long term relationships for training, education, and safety.

Safety & Rescue Services:

Rescue Canada is a fully integrated safety and rescue company providing more than just training to our clients.  We also provide:

Site/Task and Risk Assessments


We can travel to your sites and conduct a risk assessment based on the operations and then provide a valuable written document on how to best approach the issues.  This could be training the workers or having a team on standby.  Our priorities are workers safety and your work budget.

Standby Safety and Rescue


Things getting a little risky or just need the assurance.  Rescue Canada can provide certified rescue technicians and medical personal on your site to provide top notch care if and when required.

Site Access


Complex environment that is a bit tricky to access, no problem. We are able to provide qualified personnel and equipment to get you where you need to be to get the job done.

Safety and Rescue Consulting


Rescue Canada is in the risk mitigation business. We can help provide the foundations for your group or company Standard Operating Procedure and guidelines as well as training requirements.

Together with our clients we are able to provide the most current safety and rescue information and tools.  We can help you decide on the best approach to your site, job, and task/operations.  


Whether this is putting together a training plan or supplying a site assessment and recommendations or having our trained and certified rescue technicians on standby.  Give us a call or email to find out more.